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Battling Adult Acne: Understanding Causes and Effective Treatments

Acne & Hyperpigmentation
 8 weeks into treatment Introduction Adult acne is a common skin concern that affects individuals well beyond their teenage years. Characterised by persistent breakouts, blemishes, and inflammation, adult acne can be frustrating and challenging to manage. However, effective treatments do exist! Causes of Adult Acne Why some people are more prone to…

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All about hydroquinone

Progress photos with UNCOUTH prescription formulations Introduction: Hyperpigmentation is a common skin complaint. Causes of hyperpigmentation on the face include melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) from acne marks and photoaging. Hydroquinone is a prescription only ingredient that is still considered by many dermatologists as the gold standard for the treatment of hyperpigmentation. How does it work?…

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All about hyperpigmentation & melasma

8-week progress photos with UNCOUTH prescription formulations Hyperpigmentation: what it is and how to treat it Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition characterised by dark patches or spots on the skin caused by an excess production of melanin. Melanin is the pigment responsible for giving skin its colour. When there is an overproduction of melanin,…

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Aidan’s skincare journey with rosacea

Firstly, what is rosacea? Rosacea is a chronic skin condition affecting the face, causing redness, visible blood vessels, and sometimes acne-like bumps. It typically starts after 30, with triggers like sunlight, stress, and certain foods. While there’s no cure, treatments from a dermatologist, lifestyle changes, and a personalised skincare routine can manage symptoms. Aidan’s skincare…

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Uncouth skin journeys

Uncouth adopter: Jackie C Skin goals: anti-ageing and dark marks Treatment: anti-ageing formula and dark spot formula Time frame: 3 months Jackie on her skin journey Tell us about your skin journey since starting Uncouth I noticed more dark marks and uneven skin tone on my skin over the last 5 years. I had tried…

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All about Tranexamic Acid

What is it?! Tranexamic acid is both a tablet and a topical ingredient. Oral tranexamic acid has actually been used in the medical world for a long time as a blood-clotting agent, for example to treat people suffering with heavy periods. Tranexamic acid is now often used in dermatology as a brightening agent and as…

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