James Watt, the CEO of Brewdog has invested in UNCOUTH as a company that he believes could be The Next Unicorn, aka a billion dollar company!
We would love to have your input and thoughts on the brand and products so follow our instagram and TikTok (coming soon!) to see what the fuss is about and to tell us what you like and don't like: we want you all be be involved in shaping the brand!

Why are we so UNCOUTH?


We tell it how it is. The skincare market is overfilled with confusing messaging and hyped up products. We simplify and use what the dermatologists use (aka the stuff with the evidence base).


We don't faff about. We know it's difficult to see the skin experts and get a personalised routine, so we've brought the derm docs to you with our super efficient online consultation platform.


We're inspired by the historically rebellious likes of Marie Antionette and Joan of Arc. Because there's too much fun to be had in life to faff around with a ten step routine. Just use what actually works, and eat the bloody cake!

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