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The Next Unicorn

The Next Unicorn

UNCOUTH is in the final!

Team UNCOUTH were super proud to be nominated in the top 20 finalists of Brewdog and Crowdcube’s quest to find the next billion dollar company. From over 700 applicants, they narrowed it down to 20 finalists including yours truly. Next up is a pitch event at Brewdog Waterloo in mid May. the other finalists are amazing and we are chuffed to have been nominated alongside them. Wish us good luck! &


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All about Tretinoin

Tretinoin is a retinoid cream. Retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A – you’ve probably come across several types of retinoids in face creams, for example retinol or retinal (retinaldehyde). Tretinoin however is is only available on prescription. Tell me more… Dermatologists love tretinoin because it’s very effective at treating acne, as well skin ageing, texture…

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Acne in pregnancy- how to treat it

How common is pregnancy acne? Studies suggest that almost half of women suffer with acne during pregnancy. It is more likely to affect you if you have had acne in the past, but it can occur if you have previously been spot free. What causes it? It often strikes in the first trimester because of…

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‘Medical grade’ vs. ‘Prescription’ skincare

Medical grade skincare is a marketing term and there is no strict definition. It’s a term used by brands to imply that the product is more effective than ‘normal’ skincare products, often by referring to active ingredients. However, most skincare brands now use ‘active’ ingredients – vitamin C , retinol, hyaluronic acid etc. So are…

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