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Uncouth skin journeys

Uncouth skin journeys

Uncouth adopter: Jackie C

Skin goals: anti-ageing and dark marks

Treatment: anti-ageing formula and dark spot formula

Time frame: 3 months

Jackie on her skin journey

Tell us about your skin journey since starting Uncouth

I noticed more dark marks and uneven skin tone on my skin over the last 5 years. I had tried lots of different products but nothing touched them so I just used to rely on heavy coverage with foundation. The cream from UNCOUTH has made a huge amount of difference in a relatively short amount of time. 

What are in your formulas?

My formula is an anti-ageing formula which contains tretinoin 0.025% and then I also use the dark spot formula which is hydroquinone 6% .

I used the tretinoin formula every other day on my face and neck because I was fairly new to it and I used the hydroquinone formula on the dark marks. I’ve been using them both for just over 3 months. 

How have you found them?

The tretinoin formula at first made my skin dry but I got some advice about stepping the frequency down. My skin seems to have gradually got used to it. I use it every day now without any issues. 

I think they have both been incredibly effective. Before I got through a lot of products with various brightening ingredients in them but none of them seemed to make any difference. I’m swapping out the dark spot formula soon so I hope the results are maintained. 

How long did it take to see results? 

It took around 8 weeks before I saw any change in the dark marks. My skin generally started to look brighter around the 8 week stage and it has got better since then, so it hasn’t been instantaneous but I’m glad I persisted with it. 

Have you changed anything else in your routine?

Not really. I still use Clinique take the day off cleansing balm which seems to work well with my formula, a moisturiser and an SpF but I haven’t had to use as much foundation which has been brilliant!


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